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  • Featured image for Fall Home Detox
    Aug 31

    Fall Home Detox

    Summer feels like it is drawing to a close, but fall hasn't quite arrived just yet. It's one off those weird "in between" seasons, which are actually some of the best times of the year. Weather is mild and anticipation for the next season is building. Seize this time to detox your living spaces and...

  • Featured image for Fall Potting Bench Makeover
    Aug 31

    Fall Potting Bench Makeover

    If you don't know what a potting bench is yet, you're missing out! A potting bench or gardening table is basically a work and storage space for gardeners to transplant seedlings and complete other gardening tasks. In addition to being a great work space, however, potting benches are also super cute! They're fun to decorate...