How You Can Support Local Businesses Amidst COVID-19

There is no doubt that our current crisis with COVID-19 is causing increased strain on local business and small business as storefronts, restaurants, and more have limited access or are closed completely to the public. But did you know that there are still SO many ways to continue to support these businesses while still following the CDC recommended guidelines that have been put in place?

Here is an easy list of ideas that you can do to help keep the local economy afloat and support families and individuals in your own community:

  1. Order takeout or delivery.
  2. Pay with plastic when possible.
  3. Share hoarded sanitizer with local businesses.
  4. Buy gift cards for later.
  5. Simply check in with business owners and employees – let them know you haven’t forgotten them!
  6. Shop small, even online.
  7. Call in your orders.
  8. Have understanding and grace when businesses have to make the hard decision to close their doors or seating temporarily.
  9. Lastly, always consider how you can shop the “small guys” before the “big guys.” Chains can recover far more quickly from a month or two of set-backs, while the same set-back could mean the end for many local businesses.

Let’s look out for one another!

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