Home Tips: When to Start Planting

Spring is finally on the horizon! You can almost feel it on some of those rare, sunny days. Alas, we still have a few frosty days to get through first. And if you’re a gardening enthusiast, these last few weeks of winter can feel like some of the longest of the year. You’re just itching to get outside and get that garden going, but you know that jumping the gun and mean disaster for some of your poor little plants. So is there anything you can start planting now? When can you plant the rest? Here are a few guidelines.


According to Urban Farmer, now is a great time to start planting some vegetables indoors to give them a head start before you transplant them into your garden. Tomatoes and peppers are ideal candidates. You can also start sewing a few cool weather crops that should be able to hold up during those last few chilly days. Spinach and beets are good cool weather options that you will be able to harvest early in the summer.


You want to be pretty careful about planting flowers too early. While you can still plant some flowers in March, you might want to wait until mid or late March to avoid frost. According to BHG, some cooler weather flowers good for early springtime planting include pansies, hellebore, bloodroot, lilac and tulips.

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