Home Tips: Indoor Greenery

Summer has flown by and before we know it fall will be here, followed by the cold, dreary winter. Although the lush greenery that is thriving outside will soon begin to fade away for the season, you can bring the green indoors with these plants perfect for indoor living:


Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, Bromeliads are known for having thick leaves and red flowering spikes that bloom only once during their life-span. With proper watering, these plants will stick around for quite a while. Avoid over-watering or the plant will suffer from root rot, but make sure to keep an eye on how damp the soil is, otherwise this beautiful plant can quickly begin to dry out. This species will thrive best when placed in sunny rooms with indirect sunlight.



Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree:

Open up any interior design magazine these days and you’re bound to spot one of these trees inside a home. With its larger size and artistic shape, this plant has quickly become a designer favorite, and for good reason. Thriving in indirect sunlight and in temperatures above 55 degrees, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree can grow up to 8 feet tall! For maintence, if the top layer of soil is dry but the layers beneath are moist, then this tree is in great shape! Think about adding these to your living room or any space with higher or vaulted ceilings for some added dimension and color.

fiddle leaf - thedecorfix



Browse through Pinterest or Instagram for a few minutes and you’re likely to find out just how popular succulent groupings have become. Perfect for dressing up small surfaces around your home, succulents provide a bit of color and texture to dining room tabes, kitchen counters, and end tables alike. Each small plant typically goes for around $2 and with all the varieties to choose from, you can come up with your own unique arrangement. These plants require plenty of sunlight, and make sure that you allow the soil to dry out completely between watering.

succulent - crafthubs



For another larger plant option that is perfect indoors, check out the Philodendron. This tropical beauty has large, broad leaves that will quickly become a favorite in your home. These plants should be placed in a room with indirect sunlight and due to their tropical nature, the soil should remain moist at all times.

philodendron hgtv


Lemon Button Ferns:

For a more feminiine, dainty plant, check out the Lemon Button Fern. Also known as the Southern Sword Fern, this lush plant has an amazing texturized quality to it and boasts easy maintenance. Keep it in your rooms that have more shade and indirect sunlight and just make sure the soil never completely dries out between watering. When choosing a pot for your fern, go with a more simple color or shape as the plant has enough character of its own!

fern - missmustardseed


With cold weather just around the corner, think about bringing the outdoors inside with these beautiful green houseplants!

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