Home Tips: Clear the Clutter

Let’s just face it, most of us have a tendency to attract clutter like a magnet. No matter how hard we try to keep our home neat and tidy while still functional, it seems we always come up a little shy of our ideal. We’ve collected a few ideas for scaling back the household clutter by getting rid of these things:

Cardboard Food Boxes:

It’s time to nix the endless supply of cardboard food boxes that take up space in our cabinets, pantries, and drawers. Not only are they just plain ugly, but they take up excess space and they never keep food as fresh as it should be. For a simple fix, opt for glass jars or airtight food storage containers that are clear so you can see what is inside, while also maintaining freshness. Nothing’s worse than opening multiple boxes of cereal only to find that someone forgot to roll the plastic bag down again!


Old Shoes:

Mudrooms are notorious for collecting a lot of clutter throughout the day, especially when it comes to everyone’s shoes that get tossed off the second they enter the house. If it’s been a while since you last purged the shoe supply, think about decluttering in this way. Toss shoes that are broken beyond repair or missing a mate and if you can’t even remember the last time you wore a good pair? It may be time to donate to a thrift store.



Similar to the old shoes tip above, closets become easily cluttered and begin to overflow unless you take the time to sort through clothing to weed out what no longer fits, or what you no longer wear. Our simple rule of thumb is this: if it’s been more than a year since you last wore a clothing item, then it’s probably time to say goodbye to it!


Expired Make-Up:

Ladies, have you ever noticed how quickly the bathroom drawer or cabinet fills up with make-up, lotions, nail polish, etc.? Let’s be honest, many of those items are probably things that have either expired or you just simply don’t use anymore. Dedicate a little bit of time to weeding out the products that have dried up, are past expiration, or you no longer use as part of your daily routine. This will free up some space in your “getting ready” area and make it easier to find those things that you actually use on the regular!


We know just how easy it is to begin accumulating “stuff” with the day-to-day living that takes place in our homes. Nevertheless, we hope that these quick tips will give you a jumpstart on decluttering in your own house!

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