Home Tips: Designing a Small Bedroom

Do you lack square footage in your bedroom? Maybe you’re in an apartment with small rooms to begin with, or maybe it’s an extra room or guest bedroom in your home? Here are a few tips for making the most out of your space!

  1. Stray from the traditional nightstand:

While nightstands are definitely functional next to the bed, there are many alternatives to the bulky furniture that can take up valubale floor space in small bedrooms. Try a floating nightstand that hangs from the ceiling (bonus: these are super easy to make on your own, just find an interesting piece of flat wood that you love and drill three to four wholes through the piece. Then pick some rustic rope to tie through and hang from the ceiling!) or a wall mounted nightstand. Both of these options will visually increase the size of the room by freeing up a little extra floor space!



nightstand2 fox.com


2. Mounted bedside lighting:

While planning out your small bedroom design, maybe you want to nix the idea of a nightstand altogether, but still desire to have lighting next to the bed. A great solution is wall mounted lighting. There are many great light fixtures out there to choose from that will complement your style and taste!



3. Think bright and white:

Nothing visually increases room space like clean, white walls, linens, or furniture. Light naturally bounces off of white decor, making things appear much more open. If you still want to add a little bit of warmth to the room, find some cream colored pillows or a cream throw to toss on the bed.



4. Hang mirrors:

Similar to the way white decor opens up a space, by hanging mirrors on the walls in the bedroom the light will bounce around, also visually increasing the room size. While the options are endless, try a collage style wall of small, funky mirrors (gold, brass, and copper frames are all in style right now!) or go for a single, large mirror (but stay away from dark, excessively bulky frames).

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Having a small bedroom and limited space to work with doesn’t mean your design possibilities have been sabotaged. Rather, it gives you the opportunity to explore creative alternatives to many of the things we already find in most bedrooms. Let these tips spark your imagination while designing your bedroom space!

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