Home Tips: Bonfire Essentials

A favorite evening activity for many is hosting bonfires for their family and friends, but how do you take your backyard fire from status quo to fresh and fun? Here are a few ways to step-up your bonfire game while hosting at your home!

Set the Mood: While the fire will put off some mood-lighting all on its own, consider adding some string lights or tiki-torches to your backyard to help define your gathering space.

Wow the Tastebuds: While hot dogs are typical bonfire fare, consider adding to the menu with a “build-your-own” food bar. We love the idea of setting up a walking taco bar where guests can fill a bag of fritos with taco meat and all the fixings. It’s plate-free and mobile, and is an easy meal to enjoy around the fire.

Keep it Cozy: Even during the summer months it can get a bit chilly once the sun goes down. Provide your guests with a cute basket of blankets to keep everyone comfy and cozy. Blankets also serve as great shields for bare legs and feet when the mosquito squadron arrives for the night!

S’More than Just S’Mores: Everyone knows that S’Mores and bonfires go hand-in-hand, but make this traditional treat even more exciting by having a S’Mores bar with a few extra fixings! In addition to graham crackers, provide a few flavors of cookies to sandwhich around your toasted marshmallows or try adding things like Reece’s cups and alternate chocolate flavors to give a twist to an old favorite!

Here’s to summer and your perfect backyard bonfire!

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