Buffini Conference in Chicago October 12th and 13th leaves Agents and their teams recharged to grow their businesses by growing relationships.

North Eastern Group Realty had the opportunity to host area professionals on an enlightening and inspiring trip to Chicago to hear Brian Buffini speak about current issues facing the industry and to correct many misconceptions about the current market and economy.
For example, although times are tough, in 2008 the GDP actually grew 1%, whereas during the Great Depression is shrank 11%, and unemployment is approaching 10%, during the Depression it was 25% and that was only a count of unemployed males, factoring in women, the actual real rate would have been 42%! The real truth about the current market is that 30% of US homes don’t even have a mortgage on them – their owners own them outright, and of the 70% of the homes that do have mortgages, 96.7% of them are NOT in foreclosure. The real situation is that housing affordability is better than it has been in 30 years!
Thanks to all of the great Fort Wayne Realtors who joined us on our excursion; we look forward to many more opportunities to grow and interact in the future!