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Wainscoting Ideas: How to Get a Distinctive Look

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    May 01

    How To Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable

    By Karuna Eberl Updated: Jan. 11, 2024 YUMMY PIC/GETTY IMAGES Your bathroom might be small, but chances are it's an environmental calamity. Here are some practical ways to green it up. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to avoid food waste in the kitchen and harmful chemicals in the laundry room. But I only recently realized my bathroom’s sustainability...

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    May 01

    How to Move Appliances

    HOME / RESOURCES / BLOG / HOW TO MOVE APPLIANCES Moving appliances from one home to another requires technical know-how and a great deal of planning. Ask your United Move Coordinator if you need help preparing appliances for your move. Preparation and Service are Your Responsibility When planning your move, be sure to properly prepare for the transportation of major appliances...