Is Your REALTOR® a Professional?

Becoming a REALTOR® requires taking and passing the state mandated real estate classes and examinations in addition t which, the State legislature increased the requirement last year for all sales people to become brokers with an additional 24 hours of training and testing. The legislature also increased the requirement for continuing education from 16 hours every 2 years to 36 hours every 3 years.

Despite the increased requirements for licensure, just getting licensed is barely scratching the surface of the training that is required to actually be a professional REALTOR®. The next step is learning the contracts and developing a database of professionals to help with the staging, inspection, repair, insuring and financing of the transaction. These skills combined with negotiating, pricing and marketing the property are necessary to accomplish the best value for the client.

That is why at North Eastern Group Realty we only affiliate with REALTORS® who are committed to being the best they can be; continually investing in training and development. Each agent is committed to serving each client with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism, so that they will refer them to their friends and family who are seeking the same excellent service.

Make sure your real estate professional is equipped with the knowledge and skill required to handle your Fort Wayne real estate transaction.

At North Eastern Group Realty, we are prepared to assist our clients with their significant Fort Wayne real estate decisions. Our corporate commitment is to provide real knowledge, proven experience and professional, quality service. To search all Fort Wayne homes for sale or find a Fort Wayne REALTOR®, visit our website at

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