Home Tips: Winterizing Your Home

We hate to admit it, but winter is just around the corner now that we’ve entered fall. With cold and inclimate weather in the future, it’s so important to prepare your home for the changes to come. Here are a few simple reminders of how to winterize your home this year!

Window Caulking

Keep the warm air in and the cold air out by simply making sure that the caulking around each of the windows in your home is up to par. Checking for cracks and replacing caulking is key to ensuring that you don’t have any unwanted, chilly drafts in your home this winter. We recommend doing a walk-thru each fall to check for the windows that need a little updating!

Insulation Update

If it’s been a while since you last checked the insulation in your attic and crawl spaces, now is the time to do so. Insulation deteriorates over time, ultimately affecting the way your home retains warmth. Another tip we recommend is adding an insulation cover over your attic opening to trap in the heat!

Change Furnace Filters

Dirty filters mean your furnace has to work much harder to keep up, ultimately driving up the cost of your bills each month. Plan to change yoru furnace filter about once a month in the winter season and have your furnace serviced to ensure that your furnace is more efficient.


Much like caulking helps keep warm air in and cold air out, take a look at each of the doors leading outside from your home. If you can see any light around the edges of the doors, that means you need new weatherstripping. A small weatherstripping costs five to six dollars, but has the ability to save you hundreds of dollars in electrical bills.

Update Your Thermostat

The latest thermostat models have the ability to learn your family’s habits, setting themselves to keep the house cooler when everyone away, and warmer when people are home. Prices vary based on each model, but even the most basic models can help you save money in the long run with a little more cost up front.

While winter isn’t here just yet, now is the time to add these tasks to your weekend to-do lists in preparation for the cold months to come. We hope these tips help you to get started! For more tips on winterizing your home, check out this great checklist from Lowe’s!

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