Home Tips: Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Do you want the look of luscious landscaping around your home without all of the effort it takes to get there? Here are some simple ways to cut down on time spent preparing your landscape so you can get to enjoying your landscape!

Fuss-Free Plants: This is a no-brainer when it comes to planning out your beds. Opt for more perennials than annuals so you don’t need to re-plant your entire landscaping each year. A go to for us? Evergreen shrubs provide the look of green foliage (even year round!) but require little attention along the way.

Potted Plants: Pots can be lifesavers when it comes to planting in your yard. Going this route means less weeding and more control over how big certain plants get – that way, you don’t have any rogue plants taking over your garden beds. An additional benefit to planting in pots is the way you can customize and introduce pattern and color in new ways!

Native Species: The more native plants you can incorporate into your landscaping, the better. They are already used to our climate, which means you won’t have to stress as much about water, light, and temperature! No need to add to your outdoor to-do list if you don’t have to.

Mulch: While mulching can initially eat up a decent chunk of time (dedicate a few spring days or a weekend to tackle this task and you’re set for the season!), it has the power to cover a multitude of gardening sins in the long run. Mulch makes it more difficult for weeds to sprout and crowd your plants, and it also helps to feed your garden as it breaks down over time. Not to mention, a fresh layer of mulch just looks SO good!

Cottage Garden: Love to have lots of colorful blooms around your home but don’t want the added maintenance? Going for a natural look in some of your beds can add a sweet cottage charm to your landscaping. Just remember, it’s okay to let your cottage garden run a little wild, but keep this style of planting to specific beds to avoid letting your yard look more overgrown than sweet and tasteful.


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