Home Tips: Front Porch Refresher

Let’s face it: there’s still plenty of warm weather ahead of us this season. So why not embrace it and create the perfect front porch space to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice cold glass of lemonade! With these budget friendly tips, you’ll not only add some extra liveable square footage to your home, but you’ll improve curb appeal, and potentially draw in the neighbors for those perfect summer night hangs!

  1. Paint the Front Door

Gone are the days of more neutral tones when it comes to painting the front door. Let’s face it, the door is one of the first things people see when they look at your home. Straying from the neutrals and adding a pop of color could be just the thing to liven up your home and add a little bit of character. Turqoise, goldent yellows, and bright pops of red are all the rage right now! And, yes, you guessed it: This is a super cheap trick that goes a long way.  hgtv


2. Add Drapes

You may think that drapes are only for the inside of your home, but guess again! Adding drapes to your front porch not only gives opportunity to add a pop of color, but they allow you to adjust the level of privacy on the porch. Especially if you don’t have a great secluded backyard space to hang out in, drapes can be an inexpensive alternative to still be able to enjoy the outdoors, but not have to stress about all the onlookers. To really amp up your front porch game, light a few candles (citronella will keep those mosquitoes away!) and throw down some funky floor pillows to lounge around on!



3. Update Your House Numbers

Let’s talk about something that you more than likely haven’t ever given a second thougt to: your house numbers. Over time, house numbers become weathered, dingy, and downright dated as preferences in typography and design change. Visit your local hardware store or explore some online shops (think Etsy.com) to find the perfect set of numbers for your home. And don’t feel like the numbers have to remain in their original space. As long as they are visible, think outside the box!



4. Add Comfy Seating

We hate to have to state the obvious, but no one will hang out on your front porch if there’s no where to sit! For smaller porches, you can stick with more classic seating like rocking chairs, or if you have the space, try finding a patio furniture set with comfy cushions. And here’s an extra tip: It’s always wise to have a few extra folding chairs on hand than you can bring out when your small gathering begins to multiply!myhomeideas com


5. Don’t Forget the Flora

As a rule of thumb for any outdoor space, adding some potted plants will always dress up even the most basic designs. Added bonus? They draw the eye in from the curb (for those of you looking to sell!).



Remember, your front porch space is what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to try out new things! And with plenty of warm summer days still ahead, there’s much fun to be had on the porch!

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