Home Tips: Backyard Activities for Kids

Are you a homeowner with little ones running around? We know that coming up with fresh ways to keep your kiddos entertained during the summer months can become a little bit exhausting, so we’ve compiled a list of outdoor activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained this season!

Backyard Picnics: Why stick indoors for mealtime on a nice, sunny day when you can get outside and enjoy some Vitamin D? Have your kids help “pack” a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and get snackin’! One of the best parts about taking mealtime outside is that clean-up becomes a breeze!

Backyard Camping: A fun way to enjoy some extended backyard time is to plan a backyard camping “trip” with your children. It’s less stressful than taking a real camping trip (if you forget something, just run inside to grab it), and it’s much less commitment than packing up the whole crew to go to a camp ground in another location.

Water Balloon Baseball: When the weather is hot, water games can keep kids cool and entertained for hours. We love the idea of combining your typical water balloon fight with a game of whiffle ball. Just swap the ball for filled balloons and grab the whiffle bat, and you’ve got a game that is sure to keep little ones smiling and laughing!

Painting Rocks: It may seem a little less than thrilling, but for those with artistic little ones, painting rocks is a fun (and cheap) way to get their creative juices flowing. And when you keep this activity outdoors, it makes for much easier clean up. Just throw down some old newspaper if you’re painting on a deck or patio, go hunting for the perfect rock “canvas,” and get to painting!

Plant a Butterfly Garden: If you want an activity that is both educational and rewarding, this idea is a winner. Here’s a list of flowers that can attract numerous species of butterflies. A great benefit to this activity is that it allows an opportunity to teach your kids about responsibility when it comes to watering the plants in the long run, and it shows them that hard work is often rewarding, when the butterflies begin to show up!

Egg Drop: For those of you with a second story to your home and kids that are a little bit older, an egg drop is another fun activity that can go for hours and also has an educational component. Give your kids the opportunity to think outside the box by providing them with a few eggs and cardboard boxes, old box packaging (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.), tape, string, and more – really, whatever you have laying around the house or garage. Have them build something that will protect an egg when dropped from the second story window! For safety, we recommend supervising this activity, especially with young ones.

We hope that these ideas help keep your kids’ outdoor activity list going and, let’s face it, help to keep you sane while you wait out the summer months before your kids head back to school in August! For more summer activity ideas, check out this extensive list provided by Unicef!




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