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Backyard Activities for Kids

  • Featured image for 22nd Annual BBQ RibFest
    May 06

    22nd Annual BBQ RibFest

    Ahh, the sweet, smoky taste of summer! This Saturday (June 13) kicks off the 22nd annual BBQ RibFest right here in our very own Fort Wayne. Enjoy four days of delicious, mouth-watering BBQ served up by nationally awarded teams from across the U.S. while listening to great music outdoors! We feel lucky to call Fort...

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    May 06

    What's All the Buzz About Bees?

    You know the sound...a quick buzz right by your ear on a hot summer day. You swat and shoo the sound away but it returns only moments later: the honey bee. For ages, we've been conditioned to fear and avoid bees, and for some valid reasons: they seem to come around where they're not welcome...