Home Tips: 7 Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

We took the time to research a few of the mistakes that homeowners typically make when trying to keep their home healthy and clean. Here are 7 tips to get your home healthier!

Pillow and Mattress Cases

Using dust-proof casings for your pillows and mattresses will ensure that things like dust mites and their waste products can’t get through!

Changing Your Vacuum Filter 

With everything else going on in life, it’s likely that you’re overdue for swapping out your vacuum filter for a new one. Doing this once every 6 months will help to cut down on dust that gets pushed back into the air while vacuuming.

Bathroom Ventilation

If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, use it! This will help keep down on moisture that clean to mold infestation in your home.

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Clean Gutters

Another way to prevent added moisture in your home is to regularly clean out your gutters. When gutters start to leak, moisture can begin to enter into basements and crawl spaces.

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Taking Off Your Shoes

Did you know that wearing shoes inside the house can do more than leave footprints on your carpet? Things like allergens and pollutants can be tracked through your home too. Designate a place to take off your shoes inside the door or in a mudroom.

Regulate the Temperature

Dust mites and mold alike love warm climates. By keeping your thermostat at 70 degrees or below can help keep them at bay.

Washing the Bath Mat

To keep your bath mat fresh, be sure to hang it over the tub or shower to dry after using it, and to also throw it in the washer once a week.

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