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Birch Plywood

  • Featured image for Doorknob Update
    May 07

    Doorknob Update

    Exchanging hardware throughout an entire home can be a costly project. Save some money by updating your doorknobs on your own! All you need is the correct type of spray paint, the kind that is made to stick to metal which can be picked up at any hardware store. Leave the brass behind and bring...

  • Featured image for Companion Plants for Your Veggies
    May 07

    Companion Plants for Your Veggies

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Landscape by Phoenix Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers [/caption] No one likes to see precious garden vegetables eaten away by bugs. What if you could keep those damaging insects away from your edibles without using insecticides? All it takes is a few helpful plants, better known as companion plants. Companion plants help...