Housing Tip: Your Home for the Holidays


The week after Thanksgiving is devoted to a few things: 1) figuring out how to lose all the extra turkey weight you put on and 2) decorating for Christmas! Most people start to decorate their homes for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but if you’re one who is late on the game (by 5 whole days!), here are some ways you can deck out your halls and leave the early birds wishing they had waited!

1. Start with a tree: Putting up a tree is the obvious first step to getting your home ready for Christmas, but we didn’t want to overlook it! The smell of real pine in your home brings a cozy feel that an artificial tree simply doesn’t. However, if you are a fake tree person all the way, at least you have one up!

2. Decorate your mantel: After the tree, the next biggest concern should be the mantel. Go for a rustic feel like the one pictured by putting up a decorated chalkboard and some garland. Try sticking to traditional Christmas color such as red, gold and natural (not bright) green. It will give the feel an upscale vibe that is not overwhelming or clashing with your existing decor. Finish off with other natural elements or neutral colors! If you don’t have a true mantel, use a large shelf or hutch as your stocking central!

3. Finish with centerpieces: A spot that may generally be overlooked until Christmas Eve is the table & coffee table decor. By adding a coordinating centerpiece to each room you can solidify the cohesive feel of your decor. Try something subtle and rustic like this one by The Fancy Shack!

Sometimes even the smallest pieces can make the biggest impact in your home. Get into the Christmas spirit and make your home THE home for the holidays!

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