Housing Tip: Unique Ways to Spice Up Your Garden

Sometimes a few bushes and flowers just don’t cut it even if they are well maintained. Gardens are a great way to add appeal to the front of your home, so why not have a little fun with it! Here are a few unique ways to spice up your garden and add tons of curb appeal!

  • Add rustic garden boxes. Putting a few rustic boxes in the midst of the rest of your garden will add a little charm to your home. You can fill them with a variety of flowers or even herbs!1
  • Add a “spillover” flower trail. This one is just adorable! Place a cute pail in one section of your yard and plant flowers in a line leading up to it. It gives the effect that the flowers are flowing from the pail. 2
  • Use an old piece of furniture as a planter. We love the idea of a chair or even a dresser turned into a planter! It’s so unique and adds great definition and interest to your garden. 3
  • Use that old stump to your advantage. Stumps from cut down trees can be a real eye soar but are expensive to get removed. So why not use it as a planter and make it beautiful again!4
  • Add an “accent wall” to hang potted plants. This will add depth and variety to your garden and draw your eye in. Plus it will keep your flowers from getting eaten!5

There are many ways to add the spice of life to your garden and these are just a few to get your creative juices flowing. The important part is to have fun with it and to create something beautiful!

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