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DIY Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

  • Featured image for Urban Chic by Ron Shpigel
    Nov 16

    Urban Chic by Ron Shpigel

    Urban Chic is a modern two-story house located in Oranit, Israel, recently designed by Ron Shpigel. Description The home is located in Oranit, Israel for a couple who bought a plot and wanted to build their dream home. The plot is 300 square meters in a two-family dwelling. The family consists of a couple with two small children. The...

  • Featured image for 14 Best Small Towns in Germany
    Nov 16

    14 Best Small Towns in Germany

    A dozen people could travel throughout Germany in search of its best towns to visit, and the result would be 12 entirely different lists. Some towns might appear on only one or two, others would appear in several lists but in different order. And each traveler would have had trouble narrowing the selections down to...