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50+ Wood Crafts for Unique Home Decor!

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    Mar 01

    Average Homeowner Costs on Optional Maintenance

    Want to own a home but are unsure about the true cost? Most people factor in the home mortgage, the down payment, and even renovation costs, but forget about one important thing: the cost of home maintenance. So how much does home maintenance really cost? According to a recent study, much more than you’d think. And...

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    Mar 01

    Vanke One City / Kokaistudios

    Courtesy of Kokaistudios  Text description provided by the architects. The project, developed in collaboration with Vanke, is located in Yantian District, Shengzhen, strategically situated along Dapeng Bay waterfront, opposite to the new tourist port currently under construction, pivot point and first phase of big future mixed use development including residential and commercial medium and high-rise. Save...