Winter Activities For You And Your Family!

Now that the Holidays are over and winter is just beginning, you may be running out of activities to do with your family and loved ones! Dont fret! Here are five activities to do with your family this winter season.

  • Bake Cookies – Baking cookies with your family is a simple and exciting way to spend time with each other this season. This activity can be competitive and is an easy way to stay warm when stuck inside on a snowy day!
  • Ice Skating – Ice skating is a great way to go out and get exercise in the winter time. It’s entertaining for all ages, and can be done as a couple, family, or with friends. Ice skating is a cheap activity for you and your loved ones.
  • Sledding – When the snow starts falling, break out your snow suits and sleds, sledding is a timeless activity. Make it competitive by challenging each other to racing to the bottom of the snowy hill. Sledding can take up hours of time, making each trip down the hill more fun than the last one!
  • Build a snow fort – When the holiday season has passed and there’s still snow is still heavy on the ground, there’s no better way to make use of it then to build a snow fort with your family. Snowmen and snow forts are a great addition to your yard. It’s an enjoyable project to get your family out of the house without leaving the property. Building a snow fort or snowmen take a lot of time and dedication, but its worth it in the end!
  • Visit a museum – An entertaining and enjoyable way to see what’s being created around you. There are many different museums in Fort Wayne that can be explored, from the museum of art, to science central.

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