Home Tips: 5 Design Trends to Adopt for Your Own Home!

If you tend to watch any shows on TV channels like DIY or HGTV, it’s likely you are probably up-to-date on all the latest design trends, but for the rest of us, here are 5 of the latest go-to design trends straight out of New York City!

Nomadic Inspiration

Several home decor brands and companies are boasting collections with nomadic roots, especially when it comes to handcrafted, woven baskets. These baskets are perfect to collect odd and end items or to plant a houseplant in! Check out World Market or Crate and Barrel for a basket that you love!

Image result for woven planter

Mismatched Ceramics

Lately there’s been a push to return back to handcrafted items, including when it comes to dishes. Finding your own collection of mismatched can add the perfect touch of eclecticism to your dinner table.


Kitschy Cool

Mixing pieces with fun icons or patterns into your daily dishware or decor is simple and can bring so much character to your home. Try looking for oddly shaped planters or platters, but keep the pieces to a common color palette for unity.


Keep it Natural

Rather than resorting to typical fine china for special occasions, look for a dish set crafted with a little inspiration from mother nature. There are plenty of home goods brands that are boasting dishes cast directly from things like lotus leaf, rock, and clay!

Understated Chic

Metallics have been a go to for table top design for a while now, but we’re seeing a twist to this favored trend. Rather than going all out with gold,silver, and platinum, choosing pieces with just a touch of metallic shine is simpler, cleaner, and provides just the right amount of understated glamour.

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