Housing Tip: Creating a Simple, Elegant Living Room


Living rooms are the place we go to relax after a long day, enjoy the company of our families and friends and entertain guests, so how do we style them to fit all of their functions? The first thing to realize is that guests, whether it is their first time in your home or the hundredth, want to feel comfortable and at ease so having too many upscale pieces of furniture and making everything spotless is not always the right way to go. The second thing to realize is that you have to live in the space and you have to feel comfortable in the space. The best way to make a living room fit into its various roles is by keeping the decor simple while infusing elements of elegance throughout the space. Here are a few tips on how:

Tip 1: Choose neutrals for couches. The couch or couches are generally the largest piece of furniture in the room. Choosing a soft neutral for these pieces will start you off with a simple base to build off of. Plus, you want to feel comfortable sitting on them and not afraid to ruin them so leave the upscale furniture for something prone to less wear and tear.

Tip 2: Symmetry creates the illusion of elegance. Placing two couches or a couch and two identical chairs across from one another will instantly make a space feel clean and refined. Continuing this throughout, if the space allows, will add even more to the feeling of opulence.

Tip 3: Metallics and mirrors add instant glam. Using mirrored or lustrous furniture will immediately make the space feel polished and chic. A great way to add this to a design is in a mid-sized accent piece such as a storage cabinet or sofa table!

Tip 4: Finish off with cozy elements. Make the space feel lived in. Leave a throw blanket on the back of the couch and put out a family photo. Make the space your own- you and your guests will be happy you did!

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