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At North Eastern Group Realty we have a distinct group of realtors known for consistent communication, industry knowledge, and care for their clients. We’re dedicated to helping sell homes quickly, while helping to find or build a home you’ll love. In addition, we’re real estate advisors that take the time to understand your goals when it comes to finding a home. Feel free to browse our selection of real estate experts and reach out if you have any questions.

About Me

Allie moved to Auburn from LaGrange County in 2015. The last 25 years of her career have been in RV and Manufactured Housing. Allie began as a customer service representative and advanced to various management positions, ultimately leading up to her position as a purchasing manager. Having considered a career change for quite a while, she finally decided to make the jump into Real Estate, a career she loves. Allie lives in Auburn with her husband, David, and has two grown children, Krista and Conor, as well as three grandchildren. 

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