North Eastern Group REALTORS® Pursuing Education to Improve their Service!

Peak Producers

North Eastern Group Realty is committed to being a company that pursues continual improvement through in house training. For the 6th time now, a class of North Eastern Group agents has dedicated themselves to the hard work required to graduate as a peak producer. This intense training program gives the agents the knowledge and skills required to compete at a very high level in today’s demanding and complicated real estate environment.

The focus of this program is improving their skills to better serve their clients. One thing that is undeniable is that the buying and selling public has much more access to information than they ever have before. The function of REALTORS® today is to provide wisdom in a sea of information. Since North Eastern Group REALTORS® work by referral, every transaction is critical; the ultimate goal is to ensure that at the end of every transaction, the client is so satisfied that they will refer us to their friends and family.

At North Eastern Group Realty, we are prepared to assist our clients with their significant Fort Wayne real estate decisions. Our corporate commitment is to provide real knowledge, proven experience and professional, quality service. To search all Fort Wayne homes for sale or find a Fort Wayne REALTOR®, visit our website at

North Eastern Group Realty is Fort Wayne’s largest independent real estate company located at 10808 La Cabreah Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46845.