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Easy Tips on Saving Money

Posted by North Eastern Group Realty on February 7, 2019
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We’ve all been there, saving money is hard, if its for rent, a new car, a home, or even a gaming system. Here are some fun and easy ways to help save up your money!

  1. One fast and easy way to save money, is by saving the hundreds you get when paid and keeping the tens. so if you get paid $380, put $300 into savings and try to make $80 last until the next time you’re paid, this method will most likely work if you’re still living at home with no bills.
  2. Another helpful way to save money is with a change jar! When using cash, put the change you get back in a glass jar, when its full you can exchange it for cash! it might take a while but it’s satisfying watching the jar fill up, and when you exchange it you’ll get more money!
  3. Ask your bank about opening an extra account! you can set it up to where you an put money in electronically and only take money out when you physically go into the bank! This helps save money and stop impulse buying.
  4. Set your debit card to where you can only spend a certain amount of money each day! This helps prevent impulse buying as well and it helps you save for what’s really important!
  5.  Set goals for yourself! for every $200 you save, use $20! do that until you reach your goal!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             With the right attitude and motivation saving money is easy! Use these easy and simple tips t save and earn yourself some extra pocket money! At North Eastern Group Realty, we are prepared to assist our clients with their significant Fort Wayne Real Estate decisions. Our corporate commitment is to provide real knowledge, proven experience and professional, quality service. To search all Fort Wayne homes for sale or find a Fort Wayne realtor, visit our website at North Eastern group realty is Fort Waynes largest independent real estate company located at 10808 La Cabreah Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46845
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