5 Advantages of Building Your Own Home

When it comes to building a new home or buying an existing one, many people are split. However, there are many advantages to building your own home, just like there are advantages of buying a preexisting one. Here are some pros when it comes to building your very own home.

You Get Exactly What You Want

When you build your own home, you know exactly what you’re getting. Many builders allow you to be involved in the entire process of building your home from start to finish. This can mean deciding on the exact layout you’re looking for, the materials that will be used in each room, among other construction and design elements that you wouldn’t have a say in if you were buying an existing home.

You Get More Bang for Your Buck

According to the National Home Builders Association, the average price to build a single-family home is $$289,415, or $103 per square foot, while buying an existing home will average at $223,000, however, the price per square foot comes out to $148. New homes tend to be more spacious compared to older homes, so you’re actually getting more square footage for your money.

Less Time on the Upkeep

Older homes tend to come with more work when it comes to upkeep, which you need to plan for if you plan on buying one. New homes are just that: new. There haven’t been any previous owners, and you should have been able to oversee the building process, so you know exactly what you’re getting when it comes to keeping up your new home.

Energy Efficiency for the Win

Newer homes allow you to add the most energy efficient materials in right away as opposed to having to replace them in an older home. These materials can range from new windows to using better materials that help the environment.

Brand New Technology

Some older homes don’t allow you to add new technology without a headache. New gadgets such as security systems, Internet wiring systems, or surround sound speakers can all easily be added to new homes right off the bat.


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